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Chief Directorate: National Language Service

Chief Director : Dr Mbulelo Jokweni


To develop, promote and protect all official languages through policy formulation and implementation.


  • To provide translation and editing service to government departments.
  • Promotion and protection of language profession.
  • Facilitation of the establishment of language units in government departments.
  • To provide skills development in the language profession.
  • Facilitation of development of Provincial Language Policies.
  • Literature Development in compliance with the National Language Framework.
  • To develop specialized terminologies in official languages.
  • Establishment of National Centre for Human Language Technologies.
  • Facilitation of production of Human Language Technologies

Directorate:Terminology Coordination

Director: Ms Hatu Machaba


To coordinate terminology development in all the official languages in the technical domains.


  • To develop, document and coordinate terminology in all the official languages in the technical domains
  • Translation-oriented terminography - harvesting and recording terminology generated by the National Language Service's translators when translating official documents
  • To develop and manage the national term bank
  • To develop and manage the national terminology register
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